Dream of the Floating World


Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico

Assembled color photograph

This was the first image in the series “Floating World”
Arranged silk created to portray a dream like state of calm and serenity.
“Art is Everywhere…
What you see around you is an impression on the mind or memory or Heart….
Floating World is a theme that I have worked with and built upon for years.
The title “Floating World” was inspired by Japanese art
during the “Edo” period 1615-1868 artists painted imaginary universes
of everyday life brought into sensuality and beauty.

These days, there is a lot of tension in our everyday lives,
both personally and on a global level.
I’ve been thinking about things that have the potential for Disengaging the Mind:
Meditation, Running, Music, Breathing, Painting,
Moving towards a Visual Doorway…
People often report that after “disengaging” and being in a fresh space,
sometimes new ideas and solutions would emerge.
“Floating World, Images to Relax the Mind.. “
That’s a lot to ask of an image, but I want to participate in Creating a Place for the Mind to Rest or Play.

The signed prints are made by the artist with archival pigment ink on museum paper or canvas.

There is approximately a 1” border all the way around the images printed on museum paper, to accommodate the title & signature and room for mat edge. 

Canvas and Framed pieces are available – contact the Artist.

Each piece includes the story and the inspiration behind the image.

All pieces are shipped free within the United States.